Rules and agreements

Before you start using and register your account, please read these terms and conditions carefully! By the fact of using this site you confirm acceptance of these terms and consent to their observance.

1.1. Participation in the project is possible only for persons who have reached the age of majority, which is established by law in the country of residence. Usually it is 18 years and older.
1.2. Participation in the project is anonymous. The participant is not required to provide any identification documents or documents containing personal data. Also, the participant does not need to go through any procedure for confirming the identity by sending documents to his physical address or by phone.
1.3. TopToken undertakes not to transfer personal data of the participant (login, first name, last name, e-mail address and information about deposits) to any third parties.

2.1. The participant has the right:
2.1.1. Register on the site and have only one account in the system.
2.1.2. To transfer money to the account in the system by any of the ways available on the site.
2.1.3. Buy and sell internal tokens toptoken at the current exchange rate in the Personal Area.
2.1.4. To take part in the promotions and competitions held by the project in accordance with the rules of shares and competitions published on the site.
2.1.5. Become a participant in the affiliate program and attract referrals, receiving a partner reward.
2.2. The Participant undertakes:
2.2.1. Use for the replenishment of the balance in the system and withdrawal of funds only belonging to it payment instruments.
2.2.2. To make replenishment of the balance by the means having the lawful origin.
2.2.3. Keep data safe for access to your account and do not share your account with third parties.
2.3. has the right:
2.3.1. Block the member's account in the event that the payment system informs about the unlawful actions of the Participant, and also at the request of law enforcement bodies.
2.3.2. To refuse the Participant in the provision of services and to block the account in case the Participant attempts to harm the project in one way or another (slander, discredit, blackmail, attempts to hack the website, spam, etc.). In this case, TopToken can begin the procedure for refunding the deposit or confiscate the invested funds to cover the losses incurred.
2.3.3. Modify, add, rename, or leave unchanged any sections, paragraphs and sub-paragraphs of these rules and conditions with notification to participants on the site.
2.4. TopToken shall:
2.4.1. Ensure confidentiality of the Participant's personal data.
2.4.2. To charge toptoken for purchasing tokens and to pay for the sale of tokens to the personal details of the participant indicated in the Personal Account.
2.4.3. Monitor the site's performance and ensure unhindered access to the account.

3.1. A participant can transfer funds to his account at any time by any available means.
3.2. The funds transferred by the Participant to their account are credited immediately and are subject to a 5% commission on the part of the project. Commissions may also be present from the participant's payment system.
3.3. The transferred funds are credited to the Participant's account in toptoken tokens.
3.4. Payments are made according to the details specified by the participant in the account settings. is not responsible for incorrectly specified details and payments made for incorrectly specified details.
3.5. Payments for the sale of tokens are subject to a 5% commission on the part of the project.
3.6. The maximum processing time for an application for payment is 48 hours.
3.7. Payments are made only to electronic wallets belonging to the participant. Payments to someone else's electronic wallets are prohibited.

4.1. Each partner receives a unique referral link, registering where the invited participant is linked to the account of the partner who invited him.
4.2. The referral commission is credited to the counterparty's balance in the tokens immediately after the purchase of the token referral in its Personal Account.
4.3. The partner has the right to dispose of the received commission at his own discretion.
4.4. It is forbidden to register multiple accounts for participation in the referral program.
4.5. Participants in the affiliate program are not allowed to use the "gray" and "black" methods to promote their referral link (SPAM).

For non-compliance and / or failure to comply with these Rules or ignoring warnings from TopToken administration, it may, without further negotiations and discussions with the interested party, partially restrict access, temporarily block or permanently delete the account of such Participant. Cash, referral and bonus rewards, as well as other funds that could be on the balance of the account at the time of establishing the fact of non-compliance with the Rules, are not refundable.