Buying tokens

How to buy tokens?

You need to register on the site, and buy the tokens by one of the ways offered in the Personal Cabinet.

What is the minimum amount to buy tokens?

The minimum amount to buy tokens is 50 USD, the maximum is not limited.

Is there a commission when buying and selling tokens?

Yes, the commission is 5% each for buying and selling.

Selling tokens

How to sell tokens?

In the Personal Cabinet, create a request for sale: specify the amount of tokens and the payment system to which we will transfer funds to you.

How long is the sale of company tokens?

Within 1-2 hours, the maximum execution time of the application is 48 hours.

Referral system

How to earn a partner bonus?

The affiliate bonus is calculated in the amount of 5% of the amount spent by your referral to buy toptokens.

Are there any restrictions on the number of partners?

No, there can be any number of partners.